Life Path Number

Life path number meaning

The Most Important Number In Our Life

Our life path number is based upon our date of birth. It is derived from all the numbers in our date of birth. Life path number is the most important number in our numerology chart, the essence of every personality is found in it. 

Apparently our birthday is much more than just a measure of our age. Our life path number indicates the purpose of our life, the traits and skills that we possess, the major challenges and obstacles that may come into play throughout our life. 

If we know the meaning of our life path number it might get much easier to understand what’s happening in our lives and to get ready for what’s going to happen in our future.

How To Calculate The Life Path Number?

As mentioned before, our life path number is derived from all the numbers in our date of birth. To get your life path number you must add all the numbers in your date of birth until you get a one digit number. Sounds complicated, but actually it is very easy. 

For example, if you were born July 09, 1983, you should add up as follows:

  1. Month=7, because July is the 7th month.

  2. Day=9.

  3. Year=1+9+8+3=21; 2+1=3.

Now add up the subtotals together until you get a one digit number: 7+9+3=19; 1+9=10; 1+0=1. That’s all – your life path number is 1.


If you get 11, 22 or 33 while adding up all numbers in your date of birth, don’t add them up until you get a one digit number. Life path numbers 11, 22 and 33 are called Master numbers and have profoundly powerful meanings.


Life Path Number Meaning

Life Path Number 1: The Leader

Life Path Number 1 meaning

You were born to become a leader. 

You are diligent and hardworking, you never lack energy and creativity. You appreciate freedom more than anything else in your life. 

You constantly pursue for awarding, appreciation and your goals. 

That makes you very brave, determined and never giving up. 

You are very critical for yourself and for others. 

You don’t tolerate laziness as you can easily multitask. 

Warning: you should be careful and not become too egocentric. 

Life Path Number 2 meaning

You appreciate peace and harmony more than anything else in your life.

 You are so afraid of conflicts that you are often afraid to say what’s really on your mind. 

You’re an extremely sensitive, tolerant, sincere and empathic person. 

You always manage to find a compromise. You are very loyal.

If you admit that you love someone, that means you are about to spend all the rest of your life together with that person. 

You never refuse to help. 

Warning: you are too shy and with many complexes, that’s why you need to work on increasing your self-esteem and self-trust.

Life Path Number 3:
The Communicator

life path number 3 meaning

You are very creative and communicative. 

People with the life path number 3 often choose to become artists. 

You are energetic, charismatic, optimistic and trying to “infect” others with your good moods. 

You are very generous, friendly and empathic. 

You could be a great psychologist because you perfectly understand others’ feelings and know how to properly react to them. 

You know how to live your life to the fullest and take all the good from it. 

Warning: you lack responsibility and pragmatism, that’s why you might have problems with your finances. Start to think about tomorrow, not only today. 

You are very diligent, accurate, precise, practical and responsible. 

You make a superlative teacher – whether you become one or not. 

You appreciate clarity and honesty more than anything else in your life. 

You like to live in comfort, but you never choose the easiest path in your life. You are well organized and you feel the best when everything is going under your plan. 

You are friendly and sincere, but you can be very stubborn and militant when you’re reaching for your goals. 

You easily attach to other people and become an extremely devoted and loyal to your partner of life. 

Warning: you need to learn to relax and entertain yourself more.

Life Path Number 5:
The Freedom Seeker

life path number 5 meaning

You appreciate freedom and adventure more than anything else in your life. 

You try to be everywhere can. Life is like a game to you. 

You have no fear to be exceptional and break the rules. 

Sometimes you are so rebellious that you make your life a real drama. 

You think this is an advantage of yours, not disadvantage, as you are truly scared of monotony in your life. 

Warning: with this point of view you often have problems with your love life. Don’t be so afraid to attach to the ones you really care about and finally try to create a long term relationship.

Life path number 6 meaning

You are a very patronizing person. 

You live for the others, not for yourself. You appreciate family and home more than anything else in your life. Job is just a source of surviving. 

You are really loved by people because you are very sensitive, empathic and responsible. 

You have an extremely strong parenting instinct, so you start to dream about kids in an early age. 

You are ready to sacrifice your personal happiness for the kids. 

This is your main problem: you think you are not important, you live for the others and you constantly forget about your own needs and principles. 

Warning: you must learn to increase your self-respect otherwise you risk becoming a slave for the people who surround you.

Life Path Number 7: The Seeker

life path number 7 meaning

You always seek for answers to life’s eternal questions. 

You are interested in esoteric and spirituality. You have a very strong intuition. That’s why people with the life path number 7 often become philosophers or priests. 

You always have this cold and mysterious outside, but you are very intellectual and spiritual in the inside. 

You often feel lonely, that’s why you need to defeat your pessimism and the sense of insecurity. 

You need to develop the senses of affection, openness and sensitivity otherwise you risk becoming an angry and cynical person with addictions. 

Warning: try to look at things more earthly. Love and communication with other people will give you lots of joy and pleasure although you are so afraid to admit that.

life path number 8 meaning

You are very stubborn and self-contained. 

You hate advice and critics from other people. 

You want to live under your own rules and become an authority for others. 

You are a leader since birth. 

You’re very ambitious when you reach for your goals. 

You have great organizational skills, you have a very good intuition and you are extremely money-oriented. 

All these qualities could make you a talented business man. 

Warning: try not to become too categorical and don’t lose your humanity.

Life Path Number 9:
The Humanitarian

life path number 9 meaning

You’re an adult since childhood. 

You are very wise, responsible and self-contained. You quickly learn the new stuff. 

You can be successful at anything you feel passion for. 

You can easily accommodate to any situation and take care not only of yourself, but of others as well. 

You feel fulfilled when serving a humanitarian purpose. 

You are crazy about volunteering and various movements (like fighting for ecology or pet rights). 

You are compassionate and giving. 

Warning: all these humanitarian ideas are great, but don’t forget yourself as well.

life path number 11 meaning

You have an extremely strong intuition. 

You are very sensitive and emphatic. 

You intuitively know what happens in the future, you feel when the threat is coming and you never miss great opportunities in your life. 

You’re an idealist and perfectionist. Whatever you do you want it to be perfect. 

You are awarded with lots of talents. It is very important for you to learn to use these talents properly. 

You must learn to defeat your fears and increase your self-trust. 

Warning: it gets much easier to live when you realize that it’s impossible to control everything in your life.

Life Path Number 22
(Master number 22)

life path number 22 meaning

You have one of the most powerful life path numbers.

You manage to reconcile logic and feelings, to match up spiritual and material world. 

These qualities can reward you with an unbelievable success. 

You have a talent to create innovations and to change the settled public opinion. 

Warning: accept your talents as a possibility, not a necessity otherwise you will be scared to make important decisions.

life path number 33 meaning

You have a very rare life path number.

It means that you were born with a special purpose connected with the spiritual world. 

You are a teacher, a mentor, your mission is to spread love, beauty and peace in the world. 

You have a talent to help people to get their humanity back. 

You don’t care about your personal goals. 

The goal of your life is to save the world.

Warning: you are here for a higher level service in the world. Be patient and you’ll see how amazingly gratifying this ride of your life will be.