What Is An Angel Numbers And Why?

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angel numbers meaning

Each time when I think of angels, a piece of one song comes to my head:

Reach out and touch faith
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who’s there

This is the beginning of Depeche Mode song “Personal Jesus”. We all have our own “Personal Jesus”, our Guardian Angel, who hears our prayers, who cares and who’s always there. It’s not just always there, it also communicates with us in various ways: through symbols in the sky, through signs and notes on the vehicles that we accidentally see in the streets, through the songs and sounds that we hear, we can even feel the angelic guidance by sensing pleasant warmth inside of us. Angels are celestial creatures that makes them our celestial messengers, who communicate with us in all ways that we can see with our eyes open or shut, that we can hear, smell and feel. So what is an angel number?

What Is An Angel Number Meaning?

One of the most common ways for the angels to send their celestial guidance to us is by using angel numbers. Angel number is a sequence of digits, which carries a message for us and each sequence refers to a specific numerological meaning. It can also be a single digit angel number, but usually it is a sequence of two, three, four or even more repeating numbers.

How To Know That Your Guardian Angel Has A Message For You Through Angel Numbers?

Seeing repeating numbers on the clock, phone, cars’ license plates, house numbers, store checks? Seeing repeating numbers everywhere? It is definitely not a coincidence. That’s your Guardian angel sending you a coded message through the use of angel numbers. In such a way it provides guidance and direction on your most pressing concerns and worries and gives you a sign how to solve your problems. All you need to do is properly decode your Angel’s message.

are angel numbers real

Are Angel Numbers Real?

Numerology is a divine science of numbers. Many numerologists devoted their entire lives for the research of angel numbers sequences and they unitedly agree that angel numbers are real. There are many stories all over the world about people receiving encoded messages through angel numbers. These people confirm that these messages did help them in difficult situations of their lives. Of course, there are many sceptics who deny what’s obvious and don’t believe in angelic guidance, but it’s just a prove of how narrow-minded they are.

Why Can’t Angels Talk Directly To You?

You may be wondering why all this angelic guidance has to be so complicated. Why angels send encoded messages instead of directly saying what they need to say? This is because angels are celestial creatures. They act in a celestial realm, which has a higher vibrational frequency than physical world. The only way for them to communicate with you is through your minds. Human beings are lucky because their mind is the only thing in the material world, which can understand and interpret the information sent from the celestial, angelic realm. Usually angels communicate with you through angel numbers. Each number also has a vibrational meaning and spiritual symbolism. You just need to interpret them correctly.

what is my angel number

What’s My Angel Number?

If you are one of those who has a question “what’s my angel number”, then you must understand that there is no such thing as “your angel number”. To ask “what’s my angel number” is the same as to ask “what’s my movie”. Any movie can be your movie, just like any number can be your angel number.

You can find information in various websites that you can calculate your angel number by summing up all digits of your birth date until you get a single digit number. Nevertheless, this information is not correct. You can get your life path number like that, not your angel number. Your life path number determines what kind of personality you are and who you become. None of the angel numbers is yours, nor does it identify you.

However, you can have a strong affinity with a specific angel number. It does not identify you, rather than that, it communicates with you through your subconscious awareness. If you want to find your angel number as an affinity, you simply need to take a sheet of paper which is full of various numbers sequences. You will notice your angel number as an affinity, as you will feel something towards it. If you really have an affinity with a certain angel number, it will find you.

How To Interpret Angel Numbers?

There is no doubt that you are getting information from your Guardian Angel every day. When you see repeating numbers everywhere – that is actually a message from angelic realm for you. To understand this message you need to know the spiritual meaning of each digit.

Doreen Virtue, doctor of psychology, psychic and all over the world known angelologist gives such meanings of every single digit:

0 – God, the Creator, the Universe. 

The Universal Energy is trying to get your attention. Accept the help that is sent to you.

1 – Watch your thoughts. 

Everything you are thinking about now has a tremendous power to become reality. So stay positive, try to think about the desired results and leave all fears to the will of God, the will of the angels.

2 – Everything is and will be fine. 

Don’t lose hope and faith as it helps you to achieve positive results. Angels will help to strengthen your faith if you ask them to.

3 – You are surrounded by the divine creatures, which help you. 

Depending on your religion, it can be Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, various Saints (like St. Jerome, St. Francis) and other invisible spiritual teachers.

4 – Angels are near you. 

They hear your desires and do everything in their power to help you in this situation.

5 – The time of change has come. 

Everything that’s happening is happening for your good. Remember that you can always ask for the help of angels.

6 – You don’t have to worry about financial and other materialistic issues. 

Stress and tension only delay the fulfillment of your desires. Fortunately, angels can take care of your problems. Let them find the best solution.

7 – You are in a right way! 

Keep up the good work and you will see completely new opportunities rising in front you. Angels unconditionally support you.

8 – Wealth and prosperity are coming into your life. 

Soon your needs will be met, especially those related to the purpose of life. You will have enough time, money, ideas and everything else you need right now.

9 – Time to start working on your purpose / mission. 

You are ready for that. So stop delaying and start acting. Tiny steps forward are far better than standing still.

How To Interpret Repeating Numbers?

Now that you know the meaning of single digit numbers, you can easily interpret repeating numbers. You just need to combine the meanings of single digit numbers.

For example, you often see 1515. You can get the meaning of these repeating numbers by combining the meaning of digits 1 and 5. The interpretation could be like that: “Stay positive as your thoughts have a great power. During the time of change, focus your thoughts on the desired results and leave all your fears to the angels.”

I’ll give you another example with the repeating numbers 343. You should combine the meanings of digits 3 and 4. The interpretation of these repeating numbers could be like that: “You are surrounded by the divine creatures: God, angels, archangels, spiritual teachers. They are beside you, they hear your desires and they remind you to ask for their help just when you need it.”

In the same way you can comprehend longer sequences of repeating numbers.

Repeating Numbers On The Clock

Do you have a feeling that you always look at the clock at the same time? Or that you constantly see the same number sequences or repeating numbers each time when you check what time it is? Repeating numbers on the clock is actually a message or a warning from your Guardian Angel.

This is a list of the most common number sequences seen on the clock and the meaning of them:

00:00 – your wish will come true if you’ve come up with it with a pure heart

01:01 – wait for the good news from a man

01:10 – unfortunately, the work you started will not give you the desired results

01:11 – you should not refuse any offers today

02:02 – you will get an invitation to the party

02:20 – you should control your anger and think of what you’re saying

02:22 – you will manage to reveal a secret

03:03 – love is coming your way

03:30 – unfortunately, your crush has no feelings for you

03:33 – happiness and success are coming your way

04:04 – take a look at your situation from the other side

04:40 – it is clearly not your day today


0440 seen on the clock

04:44 – you will have a tough time at work

05:05 – your enemies will start a dirty game against you

05:50 – beware of water and fire

05:55 – you will meet an interesting person

06:06 – you will get married soon

07:07 – you should avoid people in military uniforms

08:08 – you will get promoted

09:09 – protect your personal things, there’s a risk of theft

10:01 – you will meet an influential person

10:10 – a time of change has come to your life

11:11 – you will become dependent from someone or something

12:12 – success in love awaits for you

12:21 – you will meet someone attractive who might become really important in your life

13:13 – beware of your competitors

13:31 – you will get what you’ve been dreaming of

14:14 – you will be overwhelmed by love

14:41 – you will get involved into an embarrassing situation

15:15 – you should listen to an advice you’ve been given

15:51 – you will have a short, but extremely passionate affair

16:16 – be careful on the road

17:17 – be careful when you walk alone

18:18 – be careful on the road

19:19 – success at work awaits for you


20:02 – you will have a dispute with someone you care about

20:20 – you will get angry with your family member

21:12 – birth of a child or new project awaits for you

21:21 – you will start a passionate affair

22:22 – you will meet someone important

23:23 – there’s risk of starting dangerous relationship

23:32 – you should pay more attention to your health

Next time when you start seeing repeating numbers don’t ignore them, but try to decode them – there might be an important message or a warning for you from your Guardian Angel.

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