meaning of name numerology

Name Numerology

Numerology gives us the possibility to decode the information which is encoded in our name. The name that we get when we are born is not coincidental. It determines our faith, just like our date of birth. Our name determines who we are and who we become. Our name number and life path number indicate our personal qualities, strengths, weaknesses, traits, skills, relationships, financial status, career, etc. Moreover, every name number, from 1 to 9, represents the planet that influences the name owner’s life. So if we know our name, number’s meaning, and the earth we are controlled by, we can easily change our present and future the way we want to. 

Name numerology is believed to be based upon ancient practices such as the Chaldean or Pythagorean systems. In these systems, each letter is assigned a numerical value, which is then used to calculate a person’s name number. For example, in the Chaldean system, the letter A is assigned the numerical value of 1, while in the Pythagorean system, it is assigned the value of 8. By comparing the numerical values of a person’s name to these systems, the individual’s name number can be determined.


How to calculate the name number?

Our name number is derived from all the letters in our name, as in numerology each letter has its numerical value. We should use all our names (first name, middle name and sir name) exactly like they are in our birth certificate. Women should calculate their name number using their maiden name, not the one they got after marriage.

In the table below you can see the numerical value of each letter.


letter values table

All you have to do is to sum up the values of each letter in your full name until you get a one digit number.

For example, singer’s CHER’s real name is Cherilyn Sarkisian. This is how we calculate her name number:

C=3, H=8, E=5, R=9, I=9, L=3, Y=7, N=5  →  3+8+5+9+9+3+7+5=49
S=1, A=1, R=9, K=2, I=9, S=1, I=9, A=1, N=5  →  1+1+9+2+9+1+9+1+5=38
49+38=87; 8+7=15; 1+5=6

That’s all, CHER’s name number is 6.

Name number meanings and the planet each of them represents

Name number 1: The Sun

1 usually means the beginning of something. You are patronized by the Sun what makes you a very strong personality, a real leader. You are impulsive, expressive and initiative. You never remain unnoticed. You are successful virtually in everything you do. Your main character features: craving for power, fairness, generosity, responsibility, ideas generation. You create harmonious relationship with people patronized by the same planet – the Sun.

Name number 2: The Moon

You are very emotional, open and a little bit naive. You are a super easy communicating and adapting to circumstances person. You have a very strong intuition which helps you to reach for your goals. You manage to choose the easiest way to accomplish your tasks and you always complete your plans without working too hard. You are not a complicated person, but you have often mood swings. You are emotionally strong though, that’s why your mood swings don’t stop you from getting your work done. You have a serious approach to family and marriage. You are a family person, really devoted to your partner of life. Some of you are very homebody. Despite being open in public, you are actually an introvert and you usually solve your problems alone. Your best character features: independence, responsibility, diplomacy.

Name number 3: Jupiter

You are very optimistic by nature. You have a super respectful approach to people who surround you and you expect the same from them. You are like a success and harmony attaching magnet. You lack stubbornness sometimes, but still you know how to reach for what you want. That’s why you are usually confident with your good results. Your main weakness is that you are concerned about everything without any reason. Your main strength is that you know how to quickly and precisely evaluate another human’s personality. You know that you can’t be perfect, but you constantly reach for it. You are always there is somebody needs help or support. You are not selfish and you like to travel. You create harmonious relationship with people patronized by the same planet (Jupiter) and with the ones, whose name numbers are 6 and 9.

Name number 4: Uranium

You are very stubborn and ambitious. You have your own principles of life and a strict point of view to everything, that’s why you usually don’t mind the public moral norms. You crave to be independent. You are very responsible, fair and high-minded and your friends usually are exactly the same. You try to spend a lot of time in the nature. You have many friends and you are always happy to spend time with them. You are friendly, diligent, have a great memory, but you easily get nervous and angry. You have great organizational skills.

Name number 5: Mercury

You have an extremely good logical thinking and a flexible mind. You are initiative, innovative and you like to change your environment from time to time. You hate routine. You can solve any problem and complete any task. You are very successful at that. You always achieve your goals, it’s in your blood. You think quickly, make decisions quickly and take action quickly. You are very curious. You always need to know and to learn something new. You are critical to yourself and to people who surround you. But you know how to be critical and diplomatic at the same time. You simply charm the surrounding ones. You are not too initiative to show your skills in the kitchen, but you really are initiative to show them in the bedroom.

Name number 6: Venus

You are a very emotional, sexy and quickly falling in love person. It’s natural, because Venus is the goddess of love. You are very erotic and attractive. These traits really help you in various situations of life. On the other hand when you need, you can show your strong character, flexibility of your mind and your sharp thinking. You often get acknowledged in the area of art. You never lack the money because you have good business and organizational skills. Venus’ women often get married to wealthy men. You have a subtle and delicate taste. You love everything that’s beautiful, esthetic and majestic. Your main disadvantage is that sometimes you are arrogant. If you have a goal, you can be extremely hard working to reach it. But in the end what you like the most is to enjoy all pleasures of life.

Name number 7: Neptune

You have a soft character and you often give in. You admire religion and philosophy. You’re not a practical person, that’s why you never have the money. You have an exceptional mind and genial thoughts often come to you, but you are very distracted at the same time. It doesn’t help you to reach for your goals. It’s difficult for you to complete your tasks. You are very sensitive by nature, that’s why you’re compassionate, hearty and noble. Because of your sensitive and subtle soul you can’t stand conflicts and disputes.

Name number 8: Saturn

You are lonely in your behavior and thinking that’s why people often don’t understand you. You seem cold as ice and unreachable, but it’s just a mask. You are simply afraid to attach your life with other person. You actually crave for having a life partner, a soulmate and a family. When you finally create relationship, they are really strong and stable. You are successful at your job, you’re in a stable financial status, but you only get that if you work really hard. You don’t get things easily. You are stubborn, punctual, rational, careful, well organized and diligent. People can trust you. You create the best relationship with people whose name number is 2.

Name number 9: Mars

You are ready to conquer the world. If you meet contradiction or even resistance in your way, you pay no attention to that. On the opposite, it’s like a challenge to you and you overcome the obstacles with double energy. You have an extremely hard character and a very strong will. You have great organizational skills, you are a perfect manager and a business man, a true leader. You can’t stand to be subordinate. You are super successful at your job, but you are less successful at your relationship with your partner. You are selfish and not loyal enough to your partner. In the end your main strengths are your entrepreneurship, energy and initiative.